Ice cream

Ice cream refers to any frozen dairy prod­uct with at least 10% milk­fat, accord­ing to the USDA. In the US ice cream usu­al­ly con­tains cream, milk and sug­ar. Ice cream tends to be less dense than gela­to or frozen cus­tard, because its milk­fat is most­ly cream, which is thick enough to form bub­bles while the … Con­tin­ue read­ing Ice cream

Ice milk

Ice milk is ice cream with less than 10% milk­fat but the same amount of sweet­en­er. You used to see gov­­ern­­ment-man­­dat­ed signs say­ing “We sell ice milk” in Dairy Queen or any oth­er place that served it. In 1994 the USDA changed that rule, allow­ing ice milk to be called low-fat ice cream instead. But … Con­tin­ue read­ing Ice milk