Basic Pasta Dough Flour Mix

If you don’t buy this book, the ter­ror­ists win. Even worse—you won’t know how to make great pasta.

Yer Basic 8‑Yolk Pasta Dough

Tired of karaōke pas­ta? Here’s how to pro­mote your pas­ta from a resound­ing “meh” to GREAT pasta!

Oils and Fats and Smoke Points, Oh My

Here’s the skin­ny on all your fats and oils.

Bacon Salt

If you read the title “Bacon Salt” but you did­n’t imme­di­ate­ly swoon, you’re a bad per­son and you should feel bad.

Candied Ginger

If a recipe calls for can­died gin­ger, you can usu­al­ly mix up some ground gin­ger and sug­ar and call it good. But the real thing is much better.