Unmucked Fuffins

The first time I tried this recipe I real­ly mucked it up—way too much flour. That’s right: I mucked up the fuffins. So pay attention!

Banana Blueberry Muffins

If you give a frog a blue­ber­ry, you won’t be able to make these muffins.

Bacon Cheddar Muffins

Putting a cat in this muf­fin is not recommended.

Bacon Cheese Muffins

Juu­u­ust enough break­fast cere­al to pre­tend it’s healthy!

Corn Meal Muffins

If you don’t love corn muffins or corn­bread, your black, twist­ed heart and greasy, ran­cid soul are so evil Dr. Evil him­self would give you a thumbs down.

Cheddar Pepper Muffins

Lit­tle-known fact: Al Gore could have stopped glob­al warm­ing with these muffins, but he just ate them all.