Sauce. Alfredo Sauce. Stirred, Not Shaken

You can call this Super­nat­ur­al Elf Coun­selor Sauce if you want, but that’s too sil­ly for me.

Special Cheese Manicotti

Not spe­cial as in “short-bus spe­cial.” Spe­cial as in “Oooh! This is spe­cial­ly good!”

Capellini Caprese Pasta

“Capelli­ni” is Ital­ian for “Anorex­ic spaghet­ti.” You can also call it “Angel Hair”, but who wants to eat hair?


Read this book right after din­ner. That is the very clos­est a cat should ever get to your lasagnea.

Baked Ziti

Ziti: Proud win­ner of the cov­et­ed Offi­cial­ly Tasti­er Than a Cow­bell™®© award.