Lone Star Inn Honey Butter

Not stolen from Texas Road­house! No law­suit necessary!

Move Biscuit! Get Out Da Way!

Not stolen from Bisquick! No law­suit necessary!

Lone Star Inn Rolls

Not Texas Road­house! No law­suit necessary!

Bruce Lee Spaghetti

This is sort of stolen from Cal­i­for­nia Piz­za Kitchen’s Kung Pao Spaghet­ti. But it’s Bruce Lee Spaghet­ti because it’s BADASS.

Kernel Gander’s Public 11 Herbs and Spices

Not stolen from KFC! No law­suit necessary!

Rattle ‘n’ Roast

Not stolen from Shake ‘n Bake! No law­suit necessary!

Hedgehog Drive-Thru Onion Rings

Not stolen from Son­ic! No law­suit necessary!

Onion Soup Mix

If you want onion soup, make onion soup. But if you want onion soup mix for dip or some oth­er recipe, use this recipe. Your palate will thank you!

Ranch Dressing Mix

Don’t get cheap on us: Dress your ranch up right!

Taco Seasoning

You can always wuss out and buy one o’ them envelopes, or you can trade up!