4‑Bean Salad

No, not those beans.

Sticky Carrots

Won’t it be nice, just this once, for the kids not to whine about hav­ing to fin­ish their veg­eta­bles?

Real Live Honest-to-Louvre French Baguette

Mak­ing bread isn’t dif­fi­cult. Mak­ing baguette with that crisp, deep gold­en-brown crust and chewy insides with skil­lions of holes—it’s a chal­lenge. But the ingre­di­ents aren’t fan­cy or expen­sive: Yeast, flour, salt, water. You can afford some tri­al and error, and the end result is worth it!

Rosemary Focaccia

Focac­cia means “flat bread” in Ital­ian. Sor­ry if you were look­ing for a com­pli­cat­ed back sto­ry.

Cheesy Cornbread

You know what’s bet­ter than hot home­made corn­bread? NOTHING.

Hifalutin Mac & Cheeses

Any­body can make Krapft Mac & “Cheese.” This stuff is so good it takes four REAL cheeses.

Move Biscuit! Get Out Da Way!

Not stolen from Bisquick! No law­suit nec­es­sary!

Cavatappi Pomodoro

Cavat­ap­pi: The pas­ta for adults.

Maple-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Carrots

If you want to eat healthy, just wrap your healthy food in bacon and syrup. Win-win!

Nookyalur Bacon & Spuds

Two strips of bacon? Pathet­ic. You can add more if you want; I won’t tell if you don’t!