Gordon Ramsey’s &%#$*)(@! American Hash Browns and $%$#@!@ Eggs

Gor­don Ram­sey says the world’s best break­fasts come from Amer­i­ca. Since we eat break­fast for break­fast, lunch and din­ner, I think he’s on to some­thing.

  • Ingre­di­ents:
  • “Waxy” pota­toes (i.e., pota­toes with a low starch con­tent: war­ba, fin­ger­ling, Yukon gold
  • Yel­low onion
  • Salt
  • But­ter
  • Eggs
  • Thick-sliced bacon
  • Light olive oil
  • Pep­per
  • Brown sug­ar
  • Cayenne pep­per (or maybe some Tabas­co or chipo­tle pow­der or what­ev­er your pre­ferred heat)


You might have noticed there are no quan­ti­ties list­ed up there. This is a seat-of-your-pants recipe; you just sling stuff around until it looks right. The only quan­ti­ty-type info here is that you want about one part onion to two parts pota­to.

Shred your pota­toes and onions, with about one part onion to two parts pota­to, like I said right up there.

Stir up your shred­ded onion-spud mix­ture, sea­son well with salt, then stir it up some more.

Put a colan­der over a large bowl or your sink, and let your salty/onion/spud mix sit for about 15 min­utes to let the salt draw water out of the onion and spuds.

Squeeze the spud mix­ture with your hands, then squeeze some more, then keep on squeez­ing as much as you can before your hands get exhaust­ed. The more water you squeeze out, the crisper and more deli­cious your hash browns will be. Don’t nobody like wet, limp hash browns!

Sea­son with salt, pep­per, and what­ev­er your hot­ness pow­der pref­er­ence and stir yet again. Set aside and pre­heat your oven to 350°.

Fire up your stove­top under an oven-safe skil­let; get the skil­let scream­ing hot before you add any­thing to it.

Once the skil­let has reached instant-3rd-degree-burn sta­tus, put in enough light olive oil to just cov­er the bot­tom.


You want light olive oil for this because it has a high­er smoke point than vir­gin or extra-vir­gin olive oil. If you don’t have light olive oil, any oil with a high smoke point will do. I’ve made hash browns with bacon fat, but it tends to be too greasy for me. YMMV.

Sprin­kle your spud/onion/seasoning mix­ture in the skil­let until it cov­ers the skillet’s bot­tom.

Use a spat­u­la or spoon to spread and smoosh down the spud mix­ture even­ly in the skil­let.

As your hash browns start to siz­zle and caramelize, put lit­tle dabs of but­ter around the edge so it melts down and helps the pota­toes get crispy.

To flip the hash browns, put a plate face­down on the skil­let and flip the skil­let and plate togeth­er, then slide the hash browns back into the skil­let.

When the hash browns are close to being done, remove from heat and put some eggs on top.

How many eggs? Depends on how big your skil­let is. If you pre­fer scram­bled eggs, by all means scram­ble them first.

Pop the skil­let into the pre­heat­ed oven for 6‑ish to 8‑ish min­utes.

Mean­while, heat up anoth­er skil­let for your bacon. Put olive oil, brown sug­ar, salt, pep­per and but­ter in the skil­let. Stir con­stant­ly until the sug­ar is melt­ed.

Fry up your bacon in the melt­ed butter/sugar/other stuff mix­ture.

Remove the hash browns and eggs from the oven. Sea­son the eggs with a bit more cayenne or what­ev­er hot stuff you like, then plate and top with the bacon.